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Meet Donn Frederick

His customers often comment on the simple elegance and superior quality of Donn Frederick's products. A major goal in his life is to leave something behind for future generations.

Born in Rochester, Minnesota, he and his wife, Lynn, now live in a picturesque area far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. In addition to creating custom-made horse saddles and other leather products shown on this site, he collects old radios, record albums, and does freelance writing. (See his article on “Saddle Fit” and his poem, below.)

As far as his memory serves, Donn has been involved in these interests “forever.” His crafts are entirely self-taught, and he has several apprentices who have learned the crafts from him. In addition, he conducts classes in his shop at home.

The Horse Show

Well, Lord, here I am at a Horse Show again
And in church I will not be.
I've forgotten the number of weeks since I've been.
I guess it must be three.

I really had good intentions
Of getting to church today.
But here I am at a Horse Show
And I guess it is here I will stay.

It seems like these horse shows
Attract a magnet inside of me,
But I hope you realize, Lord,
I had intentions of worshipping thee.

Perhaps you'll think me a sinner,
For in church I will not be.
But someone has to look over your horses, Lord,
And I thank you for letting that someone be me.
— Donn Frederick


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