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It All Starts With the Tree

The base of any saddle is the tree. There are many styles and materials used to build them. All manufactures claim that their trees are the best, so it can get confusing.

I have studied all types and used many to learn which one is truly the best, in my opinion. The one I choose to use is the rawhide covered wood tree made by Quality Manufacturing of Monticello Utah [article].

Their trees are the most uniform and have by far the best workmanship. When it comes to fitting horses, they really excel at that also.

When investing in a custom handmade saddle be sure to insist on the best materials. That, certainly, would include a rawhide wood tree from Quality Manufacturing.

I will spend as much time as necessary to assure your horse and you a proper fit.

For those who demand a lighter-weight saddle, please feel welcome at Donnís Leather.

Saddles can weigh as little as 28 pounds and still contain all the quality materials.


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