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Saddles - Plain to Pretty at Donn's Leatherworks

Both saddles on this page are available now.  Of course, being a custom shop, you can design your own saddle.  Prices will vary depending on the design.


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Texas Pointe - $2500
  • Simple Elegance
  • Narrow ground seats
  • Twisted stirrup leathers for maximum leg comfort
  • Full quarter horse gullet
  • 16 inch seat
  • Quality rawhide over wood tree
  • Sterling overlay silver conchos
  • 32 pounds
  • Bicycle padded seat
  • Hand made by Donn

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Chestnut Wade Saddle  $3500
  • Full quarter horse gullet
  • Roughout seat and fenders
  • Original hand carving
  • Black accents, inlaid seat, saddle strings, and straps
  • Chestnut leather (overall color)
  • Oregon rope strap
  • 4-inch Monel stirrups, lined and carved inside
  • 35 pounds
  • 16 inch seat
  • Flat plate rigging
  • Twisted fenders for maximum comfort
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