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Welcome to Donn's Leather Works, LLC

  Custom Saddles and accessories - anything needed to tack up your horse.

Donn's specialty is fitting the horse.  Once he's comfortable that the horse will be comfortable, then he works with the rider to fit his or her needs or style of riding.

To get started on your custom saddle, give Donn a call or send him an e-mail.  You can also drop by the shop for a fitting, or just to enjoy the traditional smell of American Leather! 

If travel to Chatfield, Minnesota is not possible, there are other fitting options which Donn can explain when you talk to him.  The maker himself answers all of the phone calls, e-mails and does all of the fitting.

Located at Milepost #233 on Hwy. 30 between Stewartville & Chatfield, Minnesota

Donn's Leather Works, LLC.
8402 Hwy. 30 SE
Chatfield, MN 55923
Phone: (507) 867-4868
email: donnsleather@aol.com


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